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Snow Sled

Sledding slopes for happy memories

Make happy memories with your children on our sledding slopes

Location Golf Village Golf Academy
Operating hours and business hours 2017.**,**(*day of the week) ~ 2018.**(*day of the week)

A charge for using

Sortation Operating hours Monday~Thursday Friday~Sunday(Holidays)
Adult Child Adult Child
Daytime 10:00~17:00 22,000 18,000 24,000 20,000
Night time 18:00~20:00 12/24~2/21 Operate every Saturday during a period of time 12,000 10,000
Guardian program (photoshoots, etc.) 9,000/1 person(No discount)

*During nights, sledding slopes will be opened until 2:00 a.m. (between Saturdays and Sundays). Opening hours and nighttime schedules may be changed, depending on weather.

Discount guides

Sortation The rate of discount Discount benefit How to use
Discount affiliate card 30% Accompanied by three persons Discount affiliate card payment(Samsung/Hyundai card exclusion)
Ski, Lift tickets 30% Accompanied by three persons The presentation of lift tickets on the day
Room guests 30%(Monday~Thursday)
Accompanied by three persons Providing ski lift tickets for the day, Room guests,
Providing room key envelope or receipts
(20% discounts for holidays and the day before)

Customer Guide

  • Limit access to customers who do not have access to the ticket.
  • Child : From 4th grade to 6th grade of elementary school However, if accompanied by carers, no more than 36 months of free admission (Exclusion from group)
  • You can not exchange and refund after 30 minutes of ticket issuance.
  • Please cooperate actively with the safety personnel for the safety of your customers.